Open PvP MMORPG A3 gets a new battle royale lease on life as mobile MMO A3: Still Alive


Are you familiar with the PC MMORPG A3? Neither am I, but apparently it’s something of a PK nightmare with open PvP the second you step a toe out of a safe haven in-game. Netmarble is apparently taking that game’s IP and transforming it into a new mobile MMO for the Korean market known as A3: Still Alive, which will feature that road-weary bandwagon of battle royale.

A3: Still Alive will let up to 30 players duke it out to see who is… well, still alive, I suppose. The game will also reportedly feature some PvE gameplay, which means that the battle royale portion will be a separate mode instead of the crux of the title. That said, the latest PR from out of G-Star seems to be focused on battle royale, particularly the three-player team battle portion. You can check out that sizzle reel in the embed below.

source: MMO Culture
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