Open PvP MMORPG A3 gets a new battle royale lease on life as mobile MMO A3: Still Alive


Are you familiar with the PC MMORPG A3? Neither am I, but apparently it’s something of a PK nightmare with open PvP the second you step a toe out of a safe haven in-game. Netmarble is apparently taking that game’s IP and transforming it into a new mobile MMO for the Korean market known as A3: Still Alive, which will feature that road-weary bandwagon of battle royale.

A3: Still Alive will let up to 30 players duke it out to see who is… well, still alive, I suppose. The game will also reportedly feature some PvE gameplay, which means that the battle royale portion will be a separate mode instead of the crux of the title. That said, the latest PR from out of G-Star seems to be focused on battle royale, particularly the three-player team battle portion. You can check out that sizzle reel in the embed below.

source: MMO Culture

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Joseph Novoa

Dude this game looks like a complete copy & paste of “Black Desert™” Which I’ll just play “Black Desert™” Thank You Very Much!!!!

Rodrigo Dias Costa

Technically, since this game is way older, BDO would be the copy. But I’m not agreeing on these game being similar, not at all.

Robert Mann

I remember hearing of this game. I ignored it due to the writing first, and was then glad to have done so because I heard it was a toxic murderfest when you left safe areas.

Even back then I was fairly wary of “PvE quests to level!” and “Open PvP” in the same title. The ability to balance these things has been missing so far, and unless it comes either through NPCs with ruleset, or some divide to ensure the PvE is at least mostly untouched… well, the audience there is somewhat limited, largely cheats and irks each other, and is probably not worth much more than quick cash grabs. Sorry people who like those games, but forcing PvP on the masses just doesn’t bring the masses to you to kill. It just makes them avoid your new title which dies a slow and painful death of multiplicative lacerations.

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If any game deserved one sentence of the 4th paragraph of the weekly MOP Up – this is that game.

Kero Kero

“a PK nightmare with open PvP the second you step a toe out of a safe haven in-game”
bruh sign me up for that
and miss me with the mobile games.

Edit: nvm the PC version is some browser game level nonsense and looks and seems super dated by skill descriptions and visuals.
Also playable from US it seems but pass.