Astellia Online promises Avalon this month and a new zone in December

And it's not from the Korean version, either

This is not the new zone, we've seen this.

It’s pretty clear that the team behind Astellia Online isn’t just importing the game and then letting it go completely, seeing as how the game launched with the removal of some class gender locks from the South Korean version. But the promise of future updates to the title includes a new zone opening up in December with new story quests and rewards… a zone that does not exist in the South Korean version. It’s coming out here first, meaning that the local playerbase will get to experience it ahead of time.

This is the first new zone we will see, but it will not be the last, more will be released in 2020. It is normally the case the Western Version of Games falls behind the Original Releasing Region, but for Astellia that is not the case. We will continue to work on bringing over the KR Content, as well as produce and release truly new content.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until December for new content. Avalon is being released this month, and there’s also plans for 2020 that will be included in a roadmap for next year currently being polished up. That’s all good news and should help encourage players to look forward what comes next over the subsequent months, even if we don’t yet have a date for some other expected features (further gender-lock removals for the lady-only classes, for example).

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The game is really really good , almost amazing. Its bug-less at the moment all its missing is advertising, steam, and the user base.

The entry price has also come down $20

Krista Allen

Haven’t tried this one yet, supposedly there is a 15 day trial available… After AAU I’m wary of buying into a game without a solid user base…


As Westernization efforts go, the Astellia team has done a better job than most. Will be curious to see if this game retains a user base that keeps the studio and game alive.