Black Desert adds a fish worth 500k Silver on PC and the Mystic Awakening on Xbox One


Every fisherman dreams of landing the Big One, but not all huge hauls are created equal. Take, for example, the Yvrug in Black Desert on PC, which is worth a whopping 500,000 Silver if you land one. That’s what us fisherfolk like to call “a whopper.”

This prized fish is part of a new event added to the PC version of the sandbox MMO. Yvrug can be found in certain watering holes across the realm between now and Wednesday, November 27th. The event will also let players earn various items every day based on their length of play time between Friday, November 14th and Wednesday, November 27th.

The PC version has also been updated with a Deve’s Encyclopedia item that grants all characters in a player’s family improvements to basic stats like weight limit and HP for completing pages in the Encyclopedia, along with a variety of class changes.

For Xbox One players, there’s an update for you, too: The Mystic Awakening is now live in the game, along with the addition of Bartali’s Adventure Log that players can complete for family-wide stat buffs and new costumes that players can craft.

Finally, Pearl Abyss will be hosting a livestream today at 11:00 p.m. EST showcasing reveal trailers for the publisher’s three new MMOs and the standalone BDO battle royale title Shadow Arena.

sources: official PC site (1, 2), official Xbox One site, Twitter
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nice, afk 2 weeks of running back and forth every +10h to repair rods lmao