EVE Online’s newest patch improves new player tutorials and balance tweaks


Looting stuff feels like it should be kind of self-explanatory, doesn’t it? But when you’re floating out in the cold darkness of space like in EVE Online, it can be a touch counter-intuitive, which is why the improved new player experience in the newest patch covers looting, ISK, and the Wallet. Players will also be sure to receive Metal Scraps from tutorial NPCs now, smoothing out that portion of the experience as well.

For players who are already fully up to date on looting due to being deeply embedded in the game, of course, the patch also sports several UI improvements and window reorganization such as better scaling for the UI as a whole. There’s also a number of changes to balance, such as increasing the signature of the Bosonic Field Generator and changing the Micro Field Jump Generator to always grab a maximum of 25 ships. Check out the full list of changes along with the bug fixes in the official patch notes.

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Hey, looting is serious business! We even have entire ship classes designed to do it efficiently.