Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida explains the Ishgard Restoration plan, addresses population bottlenecks

Shoot to build.
Yesterday saw the introduction of the Ishgard Restoration content in Final Fantasy XIV, if you could see it past the enormous sea of people turning in crafted items to make progress. It was packed, that’s the point, and for some people this was a problem in the game’s World Visit system, which allows people from other servers to hop in and take part in the concerted crafting ventures instead of natives to that world. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida has chimed in about this in the official forums, stating that this was both intentional and not due for change specifically because of the simple distribution of crafters across data centers:

The difference in the number of active crafters and gatherers is the main reason for the varying degrees of progress between the various Worlds shown on the Lodestone’s Builders’ Progress Report. To help ease this disparity, we decided to allow players to visit other Worlds within their data center and lend their assistance to the Ishgardian Restoration efforts of that World.

This is the first time we have implemented this type of cross-world content, and we apologize for the issues described above. However, for the first few days following the release of this content, we would like to observe the trends in each World before coming to any decisions. We understand that being unable to participate in the Ishgardian Restoration on your own World can be very stressful. But please rest assured that we are preparing emergency measures that we can put into action should the situation deteriorate, at which time an announcement will be made. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to improve your experience with this content.

Yoshida also went on to clarify that while this stage of the restoration is not particularly endgame-focused, later stages will be more focused upon high-end progression for crafters; this stage is meant to help more players level and grow accustomed to the system, and further updates are planned for patch 5.2 and beyond. The first stage of construction is a prelude to later higher-difficulty recipes, the reintroduction of the Diadem, a scratch-off ticket system, crafter rankings, and more endgame development. So don’t fret if you’re finding this stage to be easier than you might have expected, and don’t worry too much about the people who are no-sleeping their way through the first stages of rebuilding. There’s a lot of road ahead.

That road probably leads to Ishgard housing, of course, but that’s not going to be tomorrow. So relax.


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Vincent Clark

This just in:

World Visit System restrictions to the Firmament(s). People can unclench now. :)

Dagget Burmese

As things were working before the world visit lockout, smaller worlds were already falling behind because those world visitors were not doing anything to help speed them along, they were simply leeching on the FATEs. Leeching on FATEs shaves a possible 1/2 hour FATE down to like 3 minutes and does next to nothing in the overall scheme of speeding up a given server’s progress. So the world visit lockout doesn’t change any of that, but they should still consider adding incentives for world visitors to *want* to do meaningful crafting on other worlds, something like scrip % bonuses on worlds that are behind; based on either server pop, or how many progress stages they are behind the leading servers.

Toy Clown

I started playing again to try out the crafter changes and started digging around in this. I wasn’t high enough on my gatherers, so set out to do leves to get them up. Lo and behold! One leve is worth a full level on turn-in now!

I’m kind of pumped to get stuck into this before it goes away. That’s my fear! I’ve wanted to craft for a long time and just slogged through it until my highest crafter was 37. So! I want to at least get Alchemy to 60 for some sweet glamours to wear that I’ve been holding onto… But hopefully there is plenty of time to level lots of things here. I would love to have an 80 crafter at least.

Vincent Clark



Well, good job then…

Because the area turns into a sea of toxic arses world-hopping for cheap levels the moment any area hits the ‘Malmstone Reached’ tag on their web tracker. It happened on my server the second we hit that (thank god I was in the Firmanent already), as well as about six hours later when they swarmed back in for the repeat of the Fate. From some friends talking, my server had roughly a hundred or so locked out of it because they also refused to implement ‘instances’ to spread out the load of people the first time, and a good chunk still got locked out during the second fate. And the area itself devolved into a bunch of toxic crap that spammed the chat to the point I had to simply turn off the chat box every time.

And the set-up for the whole thing encourages it. You get jack squat for scrips with regular turn-ins, so people are going from world to world looking for ones close to capping out the malmstone, then flood the area out to make sure as many of their guild/linkshell mates as they can are in there before its capped out. Then they turtle around for the 2 hour wait incensing everyone, do the cheap little fate for the guaranteed level and 500 scrips, then hop off to the next. If they bumped up Scrip rewards from turn ins, offered more ways of earning said scrip, and de-emphasized the fate as a cruddy power-leveling handwave they wouldn’t be so compelled and eager to rush to every world they can and sit in front of the board.

… Also it’s so weird they talk about how its thanks to the spread of Crafters AND Gatherers that they allowed this, when the event in its current state does nothing for Gatherers wanting to earn Scrip. Easy gil by ripping people off? Sure! But contributing to the event proper and earning Scrip for yourself if you aren’t wanting to craft?

Nope. Get out of here.

Vincent Clark

It’s day 2 of the content. The people who are in it just for the levels and the scrip rewards will die out by the end of the week. Relax.


Very much doubt that, given that the fates award a full level to any job since it isn’t limited to Crafter/Gatherers as well as the cost of everything.

And as I told the troll who shoved his arse in here before he got smacked out, there’s literally no excuse for the toxicity that’s been allowed to run rampant as a result of the world visit system–especially when Square has made it more difficult to report users through chat for some of the hateful crap I’ve seen thrown about.