Legends of Aria previews New Dawn’s episodic content and murder penalties


Just before Halloween, Legends of Aria’s Citadel Studios announced some sweeping changes coming to the early access sandbox. After revamping its PvP system and business model for the Steam early access launch this past summer, Citadel switched gears and announced yet another criminal system revamp and the New Dawn update, which adds a free-to-play option to the game too.

Part of New Dawn’s featurest is new “episodic, dynamic content” built around what Citadel is calling the Leagues of Celador. A new dev blog gives us the details.

“The Leagues of Celador are NPC factions who offer tasks and quests in exchange for reputation and their own unique currency. Each League features its own unique offering of rewards from gear and titles to cosmetics and more. What makes this content unique in Legends of Aria is its fluidity. In each subsequent Point Release, our League’s will shift and change, new quest lines will become available and, with them, new and exciting stories, drama, and rewards. The Leagues of Celador seeks to span the length and breadth of the world of Celador, bring new exciting and dynamic content with each release, and to ensure that all professions from the warrior to the cook are included.”

The dev blog also covers the game’s upcoming township boards, crafting quests, dynamic monster spawns, and PvP – specifically, tweaks intended to add risk and reward into the game’s PvP, which sound a lot like systems in some other sandboxes that flag murderers, prevent them from using easy escape routes like portals, and warn innocent players that they’re lurking about.

We still don’t know when exactly all of this will launch, but the devs do say they’re going to release a testing schedule “in due course.”

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