Red Dead Online posts a new legendary bounty for a notorious train robber


There’s a new bounty head to chase for players of Red Dead Online, and this one is apparently a well-dressed sharpshooter with a penchant for fine suits, haberdashery, and robbing trains. Boy, “haberdashery” is a great word, isn’t it? It toes the line between refinement and pedantry so well. Mmmm… haberdashery.

On point: Red Ben Clempson and his inventively named Red Ben Gang is the latest legendary bounty up for grabs in the multiplayer world of RDO. Clempson has reportedly been spotted stalking the train tracks in New Austin. Those who take up this bounty are warned that the suspect is armed, dangerous, and probably devilishly handsome on account of the aforementioned haberdashery. If bounty hunting is not your thing, there’s a new herbalist’s collection to chase for a tidy sum and a new featured Free-Aim series called Sport of Kings.

Speaking of haberdashery, there’s some new items to get in the game’s catalogue, while the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club and Outlaw Pass will wrap up Monday, November 18th, for Xbox One and PS4 players. Those who are invested in this battle pass will want to get to work on getting their goodies while they can, especially since those who make it to the maximum Rank 70 will be getting a free piece of cosmetic kit on top of the Outlaw Pass’ rewards.

All the details on the content and cosmetic goodies waiting for digital cowboys and cowgirls can be found at the game’s site. Haberdashery.


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After couple clumsy attempts to get into shooting activities I’ve decided to stick to collector role. Lasso is hellishly difficult to use thus those “alive only” bounties are a major hassle.

btw PC players are being placed into auto-aim lobbies by default. So if you are using mouse+keyboard you are literally playing vs aim-botters in PvP.

ichi sakari

go into Story Mode and change the settings to Free Aim for on foot and on horseback, very better

ichi sakari

update Thurs Nov 14 patch changed all of this, PC default appears to be Free Aim now