EVE Online is officially live in South Korea

Oh, boo-hoo.

For far too long, the only way for residents of South Korea to experience the loop of mining for minerals to support pointless military aggression before eventually getting killed for no reason other than ornery contrarian impulses was to emigrate to North Korea. Now, however, there’s a new option in the form of EVE Online, which is celebrating its official localized launch in the region as of today. And it’s just in time for G-Star 2019, to boot.

For residents of the region, CCP Games will indeed be at the convention to show off the new localized launch versions, while nearby players of the game’s Japanese or Chinese clients will be able to enjoy a higher player population. And everyone can enjoy a new set of capsuleers staking claim to parts of the game’s expansive galaxy, to boot. You can even check out the Korean trailers just below, although as we imagine most local players are quite familiar with EVE Online by this point it will likely not produce grand new insights.

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Hanja, EVE! Enjoy.