World Visit restrictions are added to Final Fantasy XIV’s Ishgard Restoration

On the dark side.

Everyone wants in on the crafting action of Final Fantasy XIV’s Ishgard Restoration, but that can be a bit of a problem. Since the various special events for the restoration are based on individual server progress, the result was that dedicated crafters could finish up one particular stage of the project and take part in the concerted work effort… then hop over to another server and do the same thing there, ultimately crowding out players from a given server who wanted to take part. Yesterday’s letter mentioned that the developers wanted to wait before implementing any form of travel restrictions, but it appears that another day was enough waiting, and now restrictions are in place.

The change means that players will only be able to participate directly in restoration on their home servers, hopefully ameliorating some of the overcrowding issues and/or allowing crafters to access the local work efforts when they become available. The announcement does stress that this is temporary and chiefly to alleviate the current crowding issues, so it will likely be lifted at some point in the future; players currently sitting in the Firmament on another world server will not be kicked out, but they will not be able to re-enter once leaving. Hopefully this will at least help the launch window crunch somewhat.


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Makes a lot of sense. Surprised it wasn’t in place to begin with, honestly, considering one of the big driving forces was that it was individual to a server and that certain servers would advance quicker than others. Happy I was able to get a free 1,000 scrips from hopping around a bit before it was implemented, though.