Grounded is a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids survival adventure

I'm still weepy over Anty's death


How’s this for an elevator pitch: Take the overcrowded survival game genre but shrink the players and thrust them into a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-type world.

That’s Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment’s newest game.

Revealed this week for PC and Xbox One and coming out next year, Grounded challenges players to survive in “the beautiful yet perilous micro-world of a suburban backyard.” Up to four players can work together to build bases, solve story missions, and explore the world. Considering that swarms of insects will be the primary foes here, we’re guessing that this won’t be the game for the bug-phobic among you.

“It’s a perfect setting to flex our creative muscles,” Obsidian said. “We want to create a versatile sandbox where players can create their own memorable experiences.”

Source: Grounded. Thanks Sophiskiai!

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Have to admit this wasn’t quite the announcement I was hoping for from Obsidian but it looks kind of cool nevertheless and I do like a good survival game. :)


Always thought that a microverse theme would make a great setting for a mmorpg; so many possibilities. I guess a survival game is one nice step on the way.

Castagere Shaikura

Was that a Black kid in the Trailer? That’s a first.


Maybe they just officially announced it or something, but somebody here had covered it when it was in development earlier this year. I can’t remember if it was a month or two ago and it was in an article that pointed out multiple different games, possibly it wasn’t even named yet at the time, but I read about this in another article on this site before sometime this year.

Maybe you all picked it up before the official reveal I guess. I can’t remember which article it was, but I do remember reading about it here.

Someone with a better memory than mine that can point out which article it was?

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Jack Pipsam

PC Gamer said this game was made by 13 folks as a side-game after this announcement in an interview.

But I remember what you’re talking about, I knew it has been said Obsidian had other games in the works. But I think they meant something larger, I think this is the side-side project.