Inside Star Citizen offers a look at its next in-development spaceship


Every ship in Star Citizen gets people where they need to go, obviously, but what if you want to deposit several people at once into a particularly dangerous area? That’s where the Prowler APC comes in, which is the next ship being developed by RSI and previewed in this week’s video digest.

The Prowler is a dropship of Tevarin design, a bird-like race that was brought to near extinction and assimilated after two wars with the United Planets of Earth. That avian aesthetic is being considered in the Prowler’s overall interior look, which features a variety of struts that look like a forest of trees or pieces of straw in a nest. The Prowler also features some other neat visual bits as well, such as its control stick which moves in all directions on all axes and a switch that will open up all eight side doors to let passengers out at the same time.

The Prowler is currently in a whitebox stage, with a lot of work still to be done in terms of building out sections of the ship, making unique textures, and applying lighting among other things. In short, don’t expect the Prowler to arrive too soon.

The video also gives a deep dive into a number of tools the devs at RSI use to build out Star Citizen, which might be interesting for the armchair developers out there. On a program note, don’t expect another Inside Star Citizen video next week owing to next week’s CitizenCon.

source: YouTube
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