The Alliance has a fully staffed and functional spaceship in World of Warcraft and never uses it

Skeletor would be proud

I believe we have a spaceship.

Who doesn’t like a nice big spaceship? The Alliance in World of Warcraft, apparently. A recent article on Polygon points out that in Battle for Azeroth, the Alliance has a gigantic spaceship just floating there, fully functional, a spaceship we know is completely capable of raining orbital destruction on anything it so wants. The Vindicaar is just floating there, your Lightforged Draenei can just pop by to say hello (again, functional spaceship), and yet it resolutely continues floating there during all of the expansion events wherein a giant spaceship with orbital cannons may have been useful.

These situations include: fighting a war in Kalimdor, fighting a naval battle against the Horde, fighting in Zuldazar, the Battle of Dazar’Alor, fighting a literal Old God, and… well, look, basically any time a conflict is going to be decided with military might. Instead of helping to evacuate civilians from a burning world-tree, the Vindicaar stayed put. (Remember, it can teleport people.) Instead of opening fire on Horde ships? Same difference. And by all indications the Vindicaar is remaining in place even when, you know, a giant rift to the afterlife opens up in the sky.

Of course, the problem isn’t actually the Vindicaar. There’s plenty of good reasons why your orbital death cannon spaceship isn’t available, ranging from explaining that it has only minimal power left to people are currently using it for something else vital that requires a spaceship to it holding a portal open… the list goes on. The problem is that none of these explanations are offered. The Vindicaar never comes up. When the Alliance has a problem that a spaceship would solve, no one remembers that the spaceship is just hovering there.

So the real problem is that like the villains on a Saturday morning cartoon, the exceedingly useful fully powered spaceship with teleporters and orbital death cannons isn’t being used because that’s not the plot right now. Which means that yes, the spaceship problem ultimately comes down to draping a blanket over something and hoping you don’t have any sense of object permanence.

Source: Polygon

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Peter Olsen

This is the biggest problem with theme park MMOs and story –

They write everything as here-and-now, disposable, forgotten.

Coherence takes a huge hit.

Compare to FFXI, where you actually have long-thought-out plotlines
and NPCs you met years ago are relevant for believable reasons, areas are reused for later content, the world feels alive.

Perhaps the ship is not being used because they are afraid they’ll run into the Zerg out in the void…


How fun would it be to see this ship actually get deployed during such events. Using a spaceship to help evacuate a burning world-tree sounds like a fun setpiece. Giant rift in the sky? You would get to watch it fight up in the heavens while you are fighting on the ground.
Perhaps the Vindicaar spends most of its time idling because it is only sent out against major threats. Alas this would require semi-competent writers

Mike Graves

Maybe because the Vindicar isn’t on Azeroth ?


Shhhh, it’s next to Sylvanus’ motivational plotholes…

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Paragon Lost

Just another day of bad writing from Blizzard. Or as I like to say, another example of why I have a hard time taking the lore and story in World of Warcraft seriously and enjoying it. It’s badly written and very inconsistent.

Bruno Brito



The explanation is simple: Anduin wouldn’t do it because he is taking the moral high ground. Plus, it’s technically not something belonging to the alliance–it’s a ship provided by Velen. But again, moral high ground. It amazes me that anyone doesn’t understand these characters well enough that they would question it.

If Sylvanas had it she obviously would have used it, but not Anduin or Velen.


That would have been an ok reason to be sure.

It is not the reason the Vindicaar isnt used. Polygon did an interview with Danuser about Battle for Azeroth and made sure to bring up the Vindicaar:

“We have this broad palette to draw from when we’re coming up with these conflicts,” said Danuser. “[…] But what we need to do whenever we’re crafting these stories is to say ‘OK, what are the big things and key characters we want to focus on. To pull in everyone would dilute the experience. We wanted to focus on key characters like Sylvanas, Anduin, Saurfang, Greymane, the embodiment of their sides, and really show that gritty, in-your-face, toe-to-toe, siege-towers-against-tower-walls [action]. That was the story we wanted to tell. It was a choice to focus on those elements instead of the situation we just showed off in Legion.”

The reason the Vindicaar is nowhere to be found in Battle for Azeroth is quite literally “we didnt want to”


Welcome to Blizzard Storytelling 101.

Today’s lesson is: “If it’s inconvenient to the story you want to tell, just ignore it”

If memory serves their reasoning for not including to Vindicaar boils down to “we didnt want to”

The people making narrative decisions in World of Warcraft are bad writers (note: those people may not be the actual writing team).

blahlbinoa .

Where you expecting anything less from Blizzard, they write too much stuff out of their lore and pretend like it never happened


Meh, it’s almost as stupid as the movie Avatar where an advanced tech society decides to use a spaceship to bomb natives…from spear-chucking altitude? WTF?

I hate lazy writing. That has been Blizz for quite some time.