Guild Wars 2 talks about Strike Mission bosses in Whisper in the Dark and confirms more Mastery Points

We also learn players really want to pet the Boneskinner


Curious about the Whisper in the Dark episode coming to Guild Wars 2 next week? Do you have roughly 30 minutes of time to listen to ArenaNet devs? Then you’ll just gush at the latest Guild Chat episode, which offers a preview of what’s coming down the pike.

WITD will feature three Strike Mission bosses, which will be on a rotating weekly schedule that resets every Monday. Players should look forward to more difficult fights with these new bosses, which is in direct response to player feedback as well as a way to use these fights as a stepping stone to higher tier content.

The video also confirmed that the devs will be expanding on the Masteries that are being introduced with Essence Manipulation, meaning the Icebrood Saga is going to be getting its own Mastery Points.

Most of the video continues to discuss map difficulty compared to Heart of Thorns maps and whether people are allowed to pet the Boneskinner (no, you can’t, nor should you). If you want to watch it yourself, the video is embedded below, set to play at a point where people actually start to say stuff. I just saved you about seven minutes of wasted time. You’re welcome.

Source: YouTube

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