G-Star 2019: Project Arena brings boxy cross-platform MMO gaming for PC and mobile


The devs at the newly formed studio NGel Games have unveiled a new MMORPG for PC and mobile called Project Arena, which looks to bring some colorful, boxy MMOARPG gaming to PC and mobile players in Korea sometime in 2020. It also looks somehow familiar

Of course, a visual similarity to MapleStory 2 isn’t the only thing that Project Arena has going for it. Namely, it will allow for cross-platform play between PC and mobile versions. It also runs on Unreal Engine 4, so the blocky world and chibi characters will look the best that they possibly can. Judging from the gameplay trailer and demonstration shown at G-Star, it appears to have some PvE and PvP modes to take on, along with a sizeable world of colorful crates to explore.

You can get a look at that gameplay trailer below, both in sizzle reel form and in a live demonstration from the G-Star floor.

source: MMO Culture

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