MapleStory’s next update brings a new class, new activities, and new events


You’d be forgiven for believing the defeat of the big bad in MapleStory would mean the end of the story and of conflict in-game, but there’s apparently still lots to do if the Glory: Strengthened Alliances update has anything to say about it.

The next update to the side-scrolling MMO will let players join the ranks of the Glory Guard, where they can earn special Supply Boxes and Glory to climb the ranks of the Glory Guard. The update will also introduce Hoyoung, a new Anima Thief class that lets players unleash a variety of Talisman skills and creature summons thanks to the power of magic and a fan weapon. Finally, there’s new story quests involving the holy city of Cernium, along with other features like new balance changes, new Fifth Job Skills, and leveling and Tera Burning events.

Glory: Strengthened Alliances will arrive in three parts, with the Glory Guard, events, and quality-of-life updates arriving Wednesday, November 20th, the new class landing two weeks after on December 4th, and the Cernium-related activities coming two weeks after that on December 18th.

source: press release

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