The Daily Grind: What MMO do you wish you could play on the Switch?


I love my Switch, but I feel starved for games to play on it, especially online games. Sure, there are a few out there, like Warframe and Torchlight II, but it seems odd to me that DC Universe Online is the most notable true MMORPG to have made the jump. I would love to see, for example, Guild Wars 2 skip past the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation and just hop on the Switch instead. I feel like its combat would port pretty well.

How about you? What MMO do you wish you could play on the Switch?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Oleg Chebeneev

Lost Ark would play great

Kickstarter Donor

For me personally, I would say none. And not because I don’t like the switch, I love my switch. But rather simply because for an MMO to be on the switch would mean me having to play an MMO with a controller and that is just a very non appealing prospect to me for MMO’s I am all keyboard and mouse all the way :)


None, MMOs are losing features as it is, i don’t need any more excuses to make MMOs even worse than they already are.

The Switch should keep on doing what they are doing, games that are made thinking about the Switch from scratch,i really think Nintendo are at their best when they are doing their own thing.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Schmidt.capela provides a good response.

I am always puzzled by questions/topics like this. The only thing I want to play MMOs on are a PC. If I’m looking for mobility, then it’s a laptop. Just because we can play a game on a specific type of system doesn’t mean that we need, or should even want, to play every single game under the sun on that particular device.

It’s like watching a big blockbuster action movie on an old 17″ CRT television, or even your phone. Sure you can do it, but the experience that you get in the theater can never be matched, so why bother? It’s not really worth the effort.

Mark Mealman

I’ve been playing ESO on Xbox and I feel like it’s a better experience than on PC. The not-so-great combat seems to work better on console where you need some slop due to the controller not being as precise as PC’s keyboard/mouse.

I also enjoy the slowness of the game more on console, since I’m relaxing on the couch and playing it on a large 4k TV.



The Switch for using on-the-go is going to be mostly offline. And even if you can get a Wi-Fi connection good enough for real time play, MMOs tend to require long play sessions to be worthwhile, and there’s a good chance you will run out of battery during that. So, the Switch isn’t exactly a feasible platform for MMOs on-the-go; even phones fare better at this specific niche.

Using the switch as a portable at home could work — you can use Wi-Fi for the Internet and keep the Switch tethered to the power, or go back to playing on the TV when the battery starts running out of juice — but the downsides of playing on a console that has less power than a modern phone, with controls that while good for a portable are still far worse than any proper console controller, far outweigh any potential advantage of being able to take the console with you into the loo.

You can also use it on its dock, connected to the TV, at which point you get all the disadvantages of the Switch’s weaker hardware with none of its mobility advantages — and MMOs tend to be hit particularly hard by the hardware limitations.

The Switch isn’t a bad console, and can even shine, when the content plays to the console’s strengths; unfortunately, MMOs play to the console’s weaknesses instead.

Danny Smith

FFXI easy. The game was made for a PS2 controller so theres no need to shake up the controls, its from the same launch period as WoW so its not a huge powerhouse and its very slow nature would make for a nice kickback and waste some hours game for handheld mode.

2Ton Gamer

None really, but a Zelda MMO would probably be a game changer and something I would be down for.

Hikari Kenzaki

A version of a game I already play, but without any of my account or character data (which seems to be the way with most Switch ports) and no way to continue my progress once I get home? No thank you.

I’d much prefer something like AQ3D where you can play the game on a phone while you’re away and then move back to your PC when you get home. Granted, AQ3D is a much simpler game than GW2, but that’s the type of experience I’d prefer.

Stadia has the right idea, but I don’t believe they’ll actually accomplish it on any useful level before Google decides to cancel the project outright.

Robert Mann

I don’t. I don’t game on a phone, I don’t game on a handheld, etc. I don’t mind such things existing for those that do. At the same time, I also find that the lower end stuff in crossover play with mobile or such systems is far more restrictive than with consoles, so would just as soon see there be no such feature at this time. Where I can appreciate the desire of those who want that, I see it as a mandatory reduction in features, deeper systems, etc.


After my experience with the Vita, I’m done with handhelds.