Black Desert Online introduces PlayStation 4 players to the world of fairy companions

So much text, so ugly.

There are some players who think that Black Desert Online is an intensely hardcore game that rewards nothing so much as brutal combat efficiency. Then there is the actual Black Desert Online, which is introducing players on PlayStation 4 to the join of recruiting and improving your fairy companion Laila. She’s adorable, and she’ll help you as you summon her with your first set of Fairy Wings. And while she won’t help you fight, she will help you light up your surroundings, improve your weight limit, let you hold your breath longer, and so forth.

Of course, all of these positive effects (save for light) can be leveled up over time, thus giving you good cause for improving and upgrading your fairy into the most useful possible form. And while you can only have one fairy at a given time, you can improve your fairy steadily and even convert unneeded upgrade items into other useful tools. So get ready to frolic with a fairy in the game’s console version, because this is a very brutal open PvP game full of danger times.

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Endless grind – the game

Dankey Kang

Fairies, AKA: another thing to spend money on.

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Hmmmm, 50% off on PSN with PS+. Kinda tempted to pick it up for some console fun, but I can hold off in the hopes we’ll get deeper sales around the holidays.