Dauntless speeds up axes, hammers, and repeaters but nerfs aether strikers in latest patch

Neener neener.

I’ve been playing Dauntless for a long time now and I can 100% agree that the aether striker fist weapons still need a bit of adjustment, or better yet, other weapons need to be tuned upwards. In the latest patch for the multiplayer monster slayer, a little bit of both of those things was added.

Axes, hammers, and repeater weapons have all seen a rise in attack speed at the very base, which are changes in response to the October 31st update that toned down attack speed Cells and Perks that ended up making these weapons feel less rewarding. Meanwhile, aether striker combo damage and Karma Breaker damage has been reduced, though only by small margins.

The update has also made adjustments to a number of Bounty Card requirements, a few quality-of-life tweaks, and several bug fixes to behemoths, the in-game store, and general stability. The full patch notes have all of the details.


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Really found it hard to introduce this game to friends because the power difference between old and new characters is quite big.