Mu Origin 2 gives everyone a Holy Shield and introduces new levels and jewel crafting


Some shields are better than others. Some more pious. More holy. Mercifully, you don’t have to be a devotee to a deity to get a Holy Shield in the mobile MMORPG Mu Origin 2, you just need the 2.1 update installed. Also, you need to make sure a bar is full.

The Holy Shield is a latent ability that everyone gets once players reach level 320 and complete the cuddly-sounding Swamp of Death quest. This Holy Shield goes off in PvP, absorbing some of the damage inflicted if a power gauge is full. Once that gauge is spent, the shield lowers and only comes back up once the gauge recharges. Furthermore, players can improve their Holy Shield by unlocking the Divine Tower, which grants XP and materials to enhance the Shield.

In addition to divine shielding against PvPers, update 2.1 also introduces some new jewel crafting features that lets players boost grade 6 jewels and further refine these jewels with the use of some special tools. The update also brings a new level cap, the Devantaar map, new floors for the Infinite Tower, and a variety of optimizations and fixes.

source: press release
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