Neverwinter’s Infernal Descent module is sending players straight to hell on January 21


Video games love hell. It’s just the best, really. You get to make all sorts of awful monsters, there’s an excuse to be gratuitously violent, the lighting artists get to use reds and browns and greys alot. Yep, lots of hell-love in gaming, and Neverwinter is joining in this grand gaming tradition with its upcoming Infernal Descent update.

Details on this new module are extremely sparse right now, but we know that this update will let level 80 characters enter the first layer of the Nine Hells, where they can expect new adventure zones set on the Vallenhas Estate and a new dungeon. The rest of the coverage is mostly visual because I guess words are overrated.

PC players will get to take the highway to hell on Tuesday, January 21st, with the console version coming later. Speaking of visuals, here’s a video.

source: IGN via official site

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