Starbase shares a list of progress notes made in the past week


The videos that come out of Starbase are certainly fun and informative, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you need the hard data. The kind of details that make biker nerd gangs slow nod in approval. The kind of information that elicits a chef’s kiss from data scientists. The sort of thing that the game’s latest progress notes provide.

Week 46 of Starbase development was a busy one according to these notes, with a variety of features like social menu features, destructible stations, and station and ship UIs either tested or updated. There was also a whole lot of code written, and a variety of art updates like improved muzzle flashes for weapons, better particle effects for mining lasers and miniguns, and several visual updates for stations.

This is all an illustration of the polish and improvement work that has seen Starbase delay its early access release, so it’s perhaps important information for those following this game’s development closely. Or you can be like the folks in the Twitter responses who are asking for more videos. Go figure.


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