Conqueror’s Blade introduces the Rattan Army and weekly PvE events in its latest update


No, the Rattan Army isn’t a reference to superfans of overpriced wooden furniture; it’s a new type of unit added to the MMORTS Conqueror’s Blade. The aptly named Rattan Resistance update introduces a number of units that leverage the power of tightly woven climbing palm material for defense and poison laced weapons for offense.

Five unit types make up the Rattan Army, sporting some form of poison weaponry or rapid-fire crossbows in some cases. Don’t let the units’ wooden shields fool you; according to the presser, these defenses are “impenetrable to all but the most determined assailants,” assuming enemies don’t succumb to their poisonous strikes shortly after they attack.

The update has also offered up some new PvE content in the form of weekly rotating events involving defense against Sea Raiders. Every week, players will be tasked with either defending a town, forming a bulwark against waves of Sea Raiders, or protecting White Elk Fort from capture.