Neverwinter begins its Infernal Descent pre-events on November 21

Yesterday, we covered the news that Neverwinter’s next module, Infernal Descent, is on the way in January, with an adventure in the hellish territory established with Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus aimed at level 80 toons. But there’s more to the reveal, as today PWE announced that you won’t need to wait until January to get started. In fact, there’s stuff to do as of tomorrow.

“Fortunately, adventurers won’t have to wait until January to explore the Nine Hells. Starting tomorrow, November 21, PC players can participate in the Hell Pit event. Over the next three weeks, heroes will convene in an infernal arena buried in the depths of the Lower Planes. This area will spawn glyphs that provide combatants with additional powers, including magical shields, increased speed, and destructive energy. As each week progresses, the challenges will become more and more deadly, until the only ones left standing are crowned the champions of Hell Pit. New rewards and great renown await those who are strong enough to survive.”

Source: Press release

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Richard de Leon III

Negative for me. Classic reminded me why i quit until the end of BC/beginning of LK, finding groups as an anti-social is painful. And without grouping, there is no meaningful progression so whats the point in playing if you arent looking for the social aspect.