OrbusVR has launched the player house customization update for delightful decoration

Swank? M aybe? Yes?

It’s nice to be able to get home from a long day of work, return to your home, fire up your favorite MMO, and return to your virtual home full of more of your stuff. Add in the VR nature of OrbusVR and you’re building a whole new home for yourself… really, now, since the house customization patch has just gone live so that players can decorate as much as they’d like.

Players are limited to 16 furnishing items per room, but there’s a wide variety of items available both from vendors for common decorations and special decorations custom-made by Tinkerers. There’s also furniture available from Achievement Vendors for players who have accomplished specific tasks. The game is celebrating this new feature by rolling out a parade of homes on the official forums, showing off the creative ways players have designed their houses, and if there’s one thing we know as a constant truism about player housing it’s that people will produce amazing decorations given the opportunity.

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Interesting. I did the trial for orbus a few months ago and I just couldn’t get into it. It’s functional, and that alone is impressive for a VR mmo this early in the development VR but it just doesn’t have any hook for me. The world being so simple comes off as completely soul-less. The very barebones music lends to this feeling as well.

While I enjoyed how well archery functioned on my ranger for instance….I just was turned off by the world itself.