World of Warships players and devs are helping to rescue and repair an historic warship in real life


Oh man, this has been a rough week, and I’m so glad to be covering this instead of something bad: Cyprus-based games company Wargaming is helping to coordinate efforts to rescue and restore an historic WWII-era warship, rewarding World of Warships players who chip in for the effort.

“Wargaming has partnered with Muskogee War Memorial Park to raise money to repair the USS Batfish, which experienced extensive damage due to flooding earlier this year,” the studio says. “The USS Batfish was integral to naval warfare in WWII, sinking 15 Japanese ships, including three Japanese submarines in just 76 hours, making her the most successful submarine killing sub in history.”

According to the press release, Wargaming is aiming to help the museum tally $150K for repairs, so it’s added a $10 Save the Batfish package to the in-game cash shop, 100% of the proceeds from which will go to the restoration efforts. “Items include eight Dragon Flags and a combat patch similar to the patch worn by the sailors who served on the submarine.” There’s also a GoFundMe page for folks who just want to pitch in without participating in-game (the GoFundMe also has pics of the flooding and damage sustained this year in the record-setting flood).

Muskogee, of course, is in the land-locked US state of Oklahoma, which just makes the sub all the more unusual.

“‘To those who do not see it, the Batfish represents a weird roadside attraction dedicated to crazy sailors who wanted to honor their lost friends. To the inquisitive mind with an eye for history, a visitor can learn about the value of service, the impact that the United States Submarine Force had on the war in the pacific,’ explained Brent Trout, Executive Director of the Muskogee War Memorial Park. ‘Simply put, our World War II submarine museums are in danger. Some of them are well funded and in the right place, but others are in jeopardy of being scrapped. Protecting the USS Batfish means saving history and protecting the sacrifice of every sailor who called a submarine home.'”

Source: Press release, official site
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That’s a great use of the collective spirit of people who enjoy a game. Digital items cost (nearly) nothing to make&sell, and there’s no pay 2 win here either, it’s a really good collaboration.

Bryan Correll

Maybe it’s pay to win-win.


Here we have the USS Cod, another veteran of the Pacific who is now our secret weapon to protect Lake Erie from any perfidious Canadians. I’m impressed they got a sub all the way to Oklahoma, I’ll see about doing my part to keep the Batfish together for future generations to marvel at.

Bryan Correll

our secret weapon

Well not anymore. Don’t you know there are Canadians who visit this site??