Elite Dangerous’ big bug-fixing update lands in January, with betas starting next week


Remember back in October, when Frontier announced that it was listening to player feedback and bumping off Elite Dangerous’ big December content update – the one with fleet carriers – to 2020 in favor of some hefty clean-up patches? The first leg of that is coming to fruition in January, according to the studio’s latest dev blog.

“For this update, our first and foremost priority is to ensure that everyone is able to have a seamless experience when playing Elite Dangerous, so our focus will be on aiming to resolve game breaking bugs and stability issues that cause disconnects, softlocks and crashes,” the studio says. “By working internally with Customer Support, QA and Development teams, alongside the feedback you shared with us here and via the Issue Tracker, we’ve identified and are addressing a number of issues in the January Update, which we’ve detailed below.”

Bonus, this late-January update will also come with a series of betas, the first of which will run over Thanksgiving weekend. Notably, the studio will be testing post-Thargoid station repair, tiling objects, the galaxy map, keyboard input, crew audio, scan delays, conflict zones, the Invincible Heart, instance splitting, and exit crashes, among multiple other named and unnamed issues.


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Parratich D

Ah how they managed to kill all excitement for this game with this limbo shit…


A six-day beta? To iron out that many issues? I know FDev are overconfident, but I didn’t realize they were also stupid.

I have completely lost faith in the Elite Dangerous team to deliver on the promise of the game they pitched or even to bring it to a stable and enjoyable experience in its current, half-baked form.

I’ve not seen such a waste of potential since, well, EA and the Star Wars license (Fallen Order doesn’t count, yet).


Fixing many issues would be nice. But a dozen is all they’ve said they’re fixing so far. A dozen out of the thousands reported. And including none of the big game-breaking bugs.

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The Community Managers have said that there are more bug fixes in this patch that the ones they’ve outlined on the forum.

Those are the bugs that they need people’s help with as they majority of it are networking bugs and the more people testing it the better!