Hypercute mobile MMO Lumia Saga begins global iOS and Android pre-registration


Chinese studio Century Game claims its new MMO is “the cutest MMORPG you’ll ever play,” and those are fighting words in a world with games like MapleStory and Mabinogi and Caravan Stories, but we’ll hear ’em out, right? The game’s called Lumia Saga, and Century characterizes it as a 3-D open-world sandbox MMORPG for mobile devices, previously out in Asia only but soon rolling out globally.

Lumia Saga takes place in the turbulent and lush world of Lumia and features super-deformed characters, highly customizable sandbox content, and hundreds of skins and costumes,” writes the studio. “The world has over 1,000 open field maps and is filled with fun and adventure as players can enjoy various battle modes, including real-time PvP battles, co-op raids, and a variety of mini-games, such as dancing, fishing, and fighting in water gun battles.”

Players can further expect eight classes (the Adjudicator and Oracle stand out among them!), plus “living skill” classes (“botanist, alchemist, and cook”) are mentioned, along with broad customization, skins, mounts, and enhanced gear.

Pre-registration is live on the Apple Appstore and Google Play; we don’t know when the official launch is happening, but the official website implies registration rewards will be distributed in “the middle of December,” so that’s a good guess.

Source: Facebook, official site, press release
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