Improbable casts a spotlight on FPS/RTS hybrid MMO Wizard’s Wrath


Improbable, the company behind SpatialOS, has offered another look at a developing MMO. This time we’re getting a peek at Wizard’s Wrath, a fantasy MMO that looks to blend FPS and RTS gameplay into a living world.

Wizard’s Wrath is set in a land where floating cities cast up to the heavens by a powerful wizard are threatening to fall back to earth, leaving citizens at the mercy of destructive monsters. It’s up to players of the game to journey to the surface, seek old wizard towers, and find the ancient spell used to create these floating cities so that they can stay aloft.

Specifics of gameplay were not discussed at length, but the official site touts the merging of RTS and FPS gameplay as well as the ability for players to craft their own spells. The Improbable dev interview also confirms that the game will work across VR, mobile, PC, and Xbox One, and the game can support up to 100 players or more at once.

Wizard’s Wrath is due to launch a Kickstarter soon in order to fund better art and music for the title. A date for this crowdfunding drive wasn’t included, but those interested in following along can head to the game’s official site as well as check out a teaser trailer below.

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Mykal Quinn

Definitely going to need to see some gameplay before doing anything to back it.


NOPE. There has yet to be a successful Improbable based project.