Path of Exile shows off the bow changes coming for Conquerors of the Atlas

Sniper, no sniping!

Throughout human history the bow has been used to take advantage of the time-honored combat principle that it’s better to fight something that wants to hit you when you’re too far away for it to do so. Of course, in Path of Exile ranged attacks have been underused for a while now, since when your options for ranged damage also including gigantic fireballs and arcs of lightning arrows no longer seem quite so potent. Luckily for those who love archery, Conquerors of the Atlas is bringing with it adjustments and improvements to the art of shooting bows.

Ranged Attack Totems, for example, have been redubbed Ballista Totems and now have a variety of useful new effects. They also deploy faster than other sorts of totems, meaning that bows are effective at firing up to their full power even faster. Combine that with new support gems and some improved balance numbers, and you can watch all of the pointy projectile death on display in the video just below. You can also check out our own previews of the systems and our hands-on experience.

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