Book of Travels talks roleplaying, meaning, and being an ‘oasis’ in a world of frenetic Steam games


A glossy spread in Killscreen may not be what anyone was expecting out of Might and Delight, the Swedish studio whose adorable little indie MMO Book of Travels just ticked past $200,000 raised on Kickstarter with only a few days left to go. But that is precisely what the game, via its Art Director Jakob Tuchten, has got. And since the game’s artistic sense and hand-painted graphics are a large part of its appeal, we figure it’s worth thumbing through Tuchten’s brain for MMO players too.

For starters, Tuchten says that the studio’s games act as an “oasis for people that are drowning in Steam games that all are so gameplay-based, fast-paced, and action-packed.” There are three full-time illustrators on Book of Travels, including himself, in what he describes as a “bohemic, rogue-like” studio that would rather “fail with something that [they] love than succeed with something [they] don’t like.”

“Our titles are… if you play them, you know. They’re hard to get into. They have a bit of a threshold. They’re a bit meaningless, so to speak. They always tend to challenge you to understand what they’re about. But if you’re that type of person that feels like you’re investing in something, then you might get something back. […] Some of the inspirations that we like to bring in on this project are games like Baldur’s Gate, old school fantasy RPGs like that. That game, as well, had something of a quite rare mix where you could just walk around in these nature environments that are basically all empty. And then you encounter a ruin or something, and that becomes a super, super powerful experience. That has been an inspiration for this, as well. To sort of create the everyday life situation in this fictional world. So we’re not going to overthrow people with the more fantastic, like say World of Warcraft.”

The interview does some traveling of its own, touching on the failure of many games to stay on a proper schedule to what it means to be a “tiny multiplayer online RPG” to roleplaying.

“We in fact want roleplaying to be the main dish of the title,” he says. “It sounds a bit cheesy, but we believe that having your own play style and expressing yourself through your character, focusing more on the personality and persona rather than classes and stats, brings the social interaction, the acting aspect of roleplaying, to levels where it feels like it’s fitting of a community that we want to build. That it’s a sort of nontoxic, very friendly multiplayer. So that is one of our strongest sales pitches to backers. If you want to see an RPG that has that type of friendly culture surrounding it, yeah, then this is the project.”

Source: Killscreen

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I’ve never heard of this game or studio before, but … My goodness, that art style is amazing! It’s one of the few games I’ve seen that I’d take screenshots of, so I could print them and hang them up on my wall.
I don’t have the money to back it, at the moment, so I’ll have to wait until after it comes out.

If it comes out. Star Citizen made me leery of backing Kickstarters, and that was the last crowdfunded game I was genuinely hyped for.

But, I’ll be watching Book of Travels progress with great interest.


Finally went ahead and pledged for this one for both myself and the Mr. It’s our first Kickstarter pledge and we’re super pleased to get in on it.


Congrats :D It’s a nice one to get in on. Most Kickstarters, even ones I’m a part of, I wouldn’t be that confident in telling people they can or should get in on it if it appeals to them. This one is a bit different and I’m more than happy to suggest people who are interested in the game take the jump (if for anything the pledge that gets you the game $10 cheaper than it will be at release!).

I own most of the catalog of games from these people, I like the different way they do things, the game was being made with or without the Kickstarter (they asked for a modest amount to add features to end up with a bit of a better game depending on how much extra is funded and to involve the community).

I’m extremely confident that the game is being made and that it is something that I’m going to enjoy. For the game not to be created at this point, there would have to be some major disaster that happened. The studio isn’t in trouble, they aren’t going to vanish if they don’t have enough funds from the Kickstarter, we are getting this game either way.

If the game sounds interesting to you is a different matter. But if it does interest you and you are pretty sure you’d want to buy it, there is really not a lot of reasons to hold back and not get that $20 USD pledge that comes with the game. You’ll get the game at a discount and get a few extras that are only given to the backers.

We’re so close to the Traveller’s Portal, I hope they may consider letting backers have it even if we don’t quite reach it (it’s about the number of backers rather than the money raised – still need like 500 people to get that one). We’ll have to cross that bridge and lay that question out in two days when the Kickstarter ends :D I really hope it’s something they add to the game either way but I understand if they don’t.

It’s possible many people will work it up to something much better in our minds than what the game will be, and maybe they should try out the other games from this company to get their expectations on a more realistic level. But it’s going to be interesting and fun either way and definitely something different than most of what’s out there. I like their other stuff, I’m sure I’m going to like this one. Will I love it? That is still to be seen but I’m very positive I’ll like it :D


… different than most of what’s out there.

This alone makes it worth supporting with a small pledge, imo.

Will I love it?

In the end, this will also depend on the game’s overall community as well as the individual acquaintances one makes while playing the game. And the developers cannot plan, engineer or force that. It’s the magic of MMOs :) But as you said, this game seems to have all the necessary elements to make this as likely as possible.


We both backed as Travellers and I see they’re past 6,000 backers now with just over a day left! Honestly, I’m just chuffed we got to the point where we get pets :)))).

Toy Clown

I dislike how he starts off with saying, “It sounds kind of cheesy…”, especially when that’s largely my playstyle, and I don’t consider it cheesy at all.

I am intrigued by this title and I’ll be keeping an eye on it.


To be fair, all self-promoting terms and puffery used in gaming sound kind of cheesy to a more modest person when you’re saying them.

Though I get what you’re saying, he should be into it more and not saying that it sounds cheesy. Because to those of us who are looking forward to the game, it doesn’t sound cheesy at all. Mmmmm cheesy.