Warframe prepares PC players for the Rising Tide and releases The Old Blood on console


The update hits are coming one after the other for Warframe fans. On the PC side, a new trailer is online that teases the opening steps of the space combat missions of Empyrean, while console players get to experience the features and ‘frames offered in The Old Blood update.

On PC, the next update called Rising Tide is due to arrive soon according to a teaser video. This content will mostly focus on setting up the drydock for the Railjack spaceship, which leads into the Empyrean spaceship combat content we covered extensively at this year’s TennoCon.

As for console players, they’re getting The Old Blood update’s content starting now. That means the hungry boy Grendel, the reworks for Ember and Vaubahn, phase two of melee changes, and the Kuva Lich system are all available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

But what’s next for Warframe? That question will likely be answered later this afternoon during Devstream 133. We at least know that the next Prime ‘frame will be revealed.

sources: YouTube, press release, Twitter, thanks Sophiskiai!

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