CitizenCon 2019: Star Citizen keynote kicks off Carrack delay and community disappointment

It's ugly.

The start of Star Citizen’s CitizenCon convention appears to have arrived with a bit of a thud, if the community temperature is any indication. During the keynote presentation, players got a few demonstrations of new things that are pending for patch 3.8, but were otherwise smacked with the delay of the hotly anticipated Carrack exploration craft.

During the opening segment, players were taken along on the opening beats of a lengthy multi-tier mission that required them to take on the identity of a microTech researcher and board a shuttle. This not only granted players a look at a longer mission, but also showed off the New Babbage landing zone, some new cloth physics to make more free-flowing clothing materials, and some new AI behaviors. It also showed off some of the Carrack, which has seen its arrival to the game held back until February along with a few other ships.

Considering most of the reactions from the community, this delay is being met with lots of anger and disappointment. There’s still several presentations and other things yet to show at this CitizenCon which might elicit more excitement, and we’ll be posting about the rest of the con as the weekend wears on, but so far there’s been a notable dash of cold water on things. Here’s the trailer for the Carrack.

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