DDO wraps up its permadeath server run with an after party

DDO wraps up its permadeath server run with an after party

The first run of Dungeons and Dragons Online’s permadeath server — officially known as the Hardcore League — has officially come to a close. Standing Stone Games posted the list of players who accrued the most favor during their run, with five players topping 6,000 favor points during the server’s existence. This number also represents how many players made it to level five or above without kicking the bucket once.

Just because the Hardcore League is finished doesn’t mean that it’s the end of all of the fun. An “after party” is currently raging on the shard, as players are being allowed back in to prepare their characters for a transfer to one of the live servers at a later date.

And if you had a blast playing with permadeath rules, here’s some good news: SSG said that it will be revealing more information about the second season of the Hardcore League early next year.

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!

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Oleg Chebeneev

More MMOs should do this. If WoW introduced hardcore server with REAL difficulty (means mobs hit much harder) and permadeath, Id be all over there.
Meanwhile Im leveling in permadeath resolute mode on Project Ascension. But its too easy with mobs normal dmg

Robert Mann

I… still think I would be frustrated the moment lag/dc death struck to a point of just not wanting to play. Especially if it was close to a higher level reward. I like the idea of such things, but I just don’t think they can be more than niche without addressing that problem (it’s frustrating enough in regular play).


The Play for Free link and some of the tags associated with this article are for Rift instead of DDO. Anyway, I’m excited about Season Two of Hardcore League in 2020!