MMO Week in Review: Saluting fallen devs, watching sci-fi MMOs fight

MMO Week in Review: Saluting fallen devs, watching sci-fi MMOs fight

It’s been a week, fam. The MMORPG genre weathered one of its worst tragedies, losing two developers in the span of just a few days: Matt McDonald and Brad McQuaid. McDonald served as an MMO industry artist and animator since the dawn of the genre and was working on a secret game at Amazon, while McQuaid helmed multiple classic MMOs and was working on Pantheon. Both will be deeply missed.

Meanwhile, this weekend has been the battle of the sci-fi MMOs in the UK, as EVE Online held its meet and Aether Wars event at EVE London and Star Citizen previewed its upcoming content at CitizenCon. Don’t miss our interview with CIG from before the con either.

Read on to catch up with the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions today as every Sunday in Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review.


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