The Stream Team: Playing with some new toys in the Star Citizen free fly event

The Stream Team: Playing with some new toys in the Star Citizen free fly event

If there’s one thing that Star Citizen does well, it’s make spaceships feel like full, legitimate vehicles. MassivelyOP’s Chris is ready to get his internet spaceship gearhead on as the free fly event begins, and you’re invited to join him as he oohs, aahs, and test drives some of the new-to-him toys!

What: Star Citizen
Who: Chris Neal
When: 1:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Enjoy the show!

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out our past streams and videos collection, and stay tuned for our next show!
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In the Stream it was stated there is no release window announcement for SQ42. That is not correct:

They have announced SQ42 should be in Beta [yes, not Alpha, actual Beta] in Q3 of 2020 ( see link above); with a projected retail release in Q1 2021.
And yes, I realize that CR has a habit of missing dates; but they did give an actual release timeframe for Sq42 – and are working hard to meet it.

That said, time will tell as to whether they make it, or if not how close to the original projected date they will come.


This was a waste of time to download. The game looks meh at best graphically and runs abysmally. It’s just not really playable in this state, at least not for someone who isn’t infinitely excited for Star Citizen. Well, maybe if you have a 2080ti.

Joe Blobers

I recall a guy saying a year ago: “this is unplayable!”. So I tried to understand what was the issue and he finally said: “Anything not delivering 120hz in 4K is unplayable”.
Server Object Container Streaming V1 is coming with V1. If it works as well than OCS did quarters ago, stuttering are going to be seriously reduced, among others substantial benefit.

Don’t know what you call meh, based on what configuration. The following link do provide real players configuration versus fps in SC:Players PC Telemetry

As long you don’t use a 10 years old PC or even a not too old one with SSD, the experience is pretty good. You can dislike the chosen artistic choice of course.

I do have a 4 cores I5, 16GB, GTX 1070 + SSD and got 45/55 fps in Loreville and +65 in space. All with max setting using an AOC 1440p. Right in Alpha with no final optimization.

Looking at Chris’s video at Lorville, I have a hard time to detect abysmal performance either…


Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 970, 32GB and an SSD. I was getting about 40fps with the low setting on station at 1080p.

So even though I am ready for a GPU upgrade next that is really, really bad. No other game performs this poorly. Now I do understand that the game is still under development but it is very dishonest to say that there is a legitimately playable product here at this stage.

What I mean by looking “meh” is that it doesn’t look like it would be this heavy to run. It’s not close to being the highest fidelity game ever made.

Joe Blobers

It is not dishonest to share it’s own experience, to provide real information like telemetry page or to pinpoint video in this very page depicting live play in current game stage.

I said the experience is pretty good (for an Alpha)… not stunning or the best experience ever, with my configuration.

Your 40Fps are matching Telemetry page. A GPU upgrade seems to be a good potential candidate. I would suggest to wait several quarters to see what implementation of SOCS and quarters of optimization will provide as overall performance improvement for current configuration.

Who knows, we may have also some GPU competition from AMD to help decrease the market cost.


I’m waiting on the GPU because gaming in general is still fine on it and the current offerings, AMD included, don’t make too much sense from a price to performance standpoint.

Performance fitting the telemetry page doesn’t really justify poor performance. It just indicates that the telemetry page is accurate in showing how poorly the game performs. Generally with modern games I am pushing 100+ fps with the lowest settings. Comparing that to the 40 fps SC does says quite a bit.

My criticism is mostly towards community members who say that there is a game to be played right now. There kind of is but not really though.


Can’t believe I’ve wasted 2 hours on download expecting to see something resembling actually functional product. In the end it took 4 minutes to load a room with a primitive light system which look like it was taken from a small indie game released in 2015 – there isn’t even an anti-aliasing in the engine.

There are actually great single-dev shoestring-budget games on Steam develped faster than this stuff (Osiris, for example). Apparently Roberts is the worst game dev on the planet if this is the peak of his capabilities with 200M budget and 5+ years spent.

Joe Blobers

Lol… I won’t be chocked that you don’t trust me but take the time to move your mouse a few cm above to click on Chris’s video.

You realize that what you say have not the slightest relation with what anyone can download and experience with 3.7.1?

Thanks for the laugh at least. I up-vote you for the next Humor Award :)