ArcheAge discusses the ArchePass’ return, the Library shutdown, and goldseller bans in its latest devstream


Last Friday’s livestream from the folks at ArcheAge seemed to be a bit of a mish-mash of various topics, but there are at least a few takeaways from the broadcast that will likely be of concern to players, such as the shutdown of the Ayanad Library, the eventual return of the ArchePass, and the issuing of a number of bans.

It would appear that the Library was a chief source of lag for players of ArcheAge, particularly at the point where it opened up, so as a result the Library is being disabled. According to some discussion in Reddit, this lag is likely a result of people attempting to farm the Library’s bosses for gold.

The stream also talked at length about what’s being done regarding gold buyers and gold sellers. The short version is that the team is working on the problem as fast and effectively as it can. To that point, certain players who are banned may still be on the leaderboards because of the way bans work; any account that is banned or have its gear removed by admins doesn’t exactly take that account off of the leaderboards, which is apparently causing a bit of confusion among the playerbase.

Finally, the new version of the ArchePass is likely to arrive to the PTS at some point this week. Specifics on this new ArchePass aren’t available right now, but it will apparently be focused more on completing dailies.

Also a programming note, there won’t be any livestream for this week on account of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but there should be another stream the week after. For now, you can either mire your way through this community synopsis or watch the stream embed below.

sources: Twitch, Reddit
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