Fans hold a solemn memorial of Brad ‘Aradune’ McQuaid during a livestream


The death of developer Brad McQuaid is still being acutely felt by many in the MMO gaming community, and no more is that apparent than during a memorial livestream that was held this past Friday.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Twitch streamer BazgrimTV was joined by several of his friends to discuss McQuaid’s influence on both the developing MMORPG and the genre in general. “We are here to honor Brad, to learn from him, and then, through that, maybe somehow figure out a way to start following the trail he had blazed,” said Bazgrim on the stream.

The stream is a somber and deeply emotional affair, with Bazgrim and his friends discussing their reaction to the news and McQuaid’s greater influence on our genre. The stream discussion itself is roughly an hour long; we’ve embedded it below if you happen to have missed it.

source: Twitch
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Ardra Ventax

I wonder what this will mean for Pantheon?

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

Pure speculation on my part, funding will be affected. One thing brad was good at was getting people interested, particularly investors and paying customers. Part of it is reputation, another part amazing charisma.

Even when things were dark for him, he managed to pull off miracles. The question is if any of his contemporaries at the company can keep things together long enough for a release and keep that momentum going.


SotA placed a tombstone with a flaming stone over it too. Pantheon and SotA had some cooperation over time and even planned some joint streams before the happening. Was thinking to back Pantheon a while now and I hope the team manages to pull it off.

On another note I really hope his family will be well since they are those left behind that got to deal with the great loss immediately in their lives. Such unfortunate things always alter everything

blahlbinoa .

Project1999 community had a memorial service this past weekend on the green server. Had it in various places, starting at McQuaids in Halas on Friday