The Elder Scrolls Online chimes in with another Activity Finder update


Yep, the Activity Finder in The Elder Scrolls Online is still busted. Yep, the devs are still working on it. That’s effectively the brass tacks message of the latest communication from creative director Rich Lambert, but it does at least provide a bit more context to the whole deal.

Readers will recall that ESO kicked off a dungeon-centric Undaunted event that had to be shut down mere hours after it launched due to Activity Finder problems. The devs briefly peeked their heads up to state that they’re still working on it, and the latest update says much the same thing but also seems to indicate that the Activity Finder is due to return soon:

“We are testing a new build internally, and we fully expect to have this issue resolved. Even though it is a small consolation, I do want to make sure everyone understands that the issues you have been seeing are caused by one system going haywire and not a deep systemic or hardware problem. This Activity Finder issue has been plaguing us for over a year now and it is long past time that we fix it.”

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