The best MMO sales of Black Friday 2019 (so far)


True story, Thanksgiving is not at all my favorite holiday, but I absolutely love the online sales that follow it, especially when I don’t even have to put on real pants to shop. Hopefully you’re with me on this because we’ve got our annual roundup of all the best MMO Black Friday 2019 sales on Steam and elsewhere.

AQ3D – Running a “daily drops” special, plus there are new items available (and for Cyber Monday too).

ARK Survival Evolved – Some packages are up to 65% off on Steam.

Astroneer – Just over $22 through Steam.

Atlas – Under 5 bucks on Steam (dang).

Black Desert – Half off on Steam, with extra sales in the cash shop.

Blade & Soul – NCsoft’s is offering a Thanksgiving pack for 1 NCoin every day, with daily deals through December 2nd.

Boundless – Up to 54% off on Steam.

Champions Online – Everything in the cash shop is 20% off this year.

Closers – New deals running every day this week.

Conan Exiles – Up to 50% off.

Dark and Light – 35% on Steam.

DayZ – 30% off on Steam.

Defiance 2050 – Gamigo is running class packs and 40% discounts on select items like name changes.

Destiny 2 – Sales up to 40% off different packs.

Diablo III – Up to 50% off in the Blizz store.

Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr is up to 67% off, while the base game is 10 bucks. There are more individual sales in-game too.

Elite Dangerous – On Steam, it’s up to 75% off.

EVE Online – The starter pack is a measly $2.50 on Steam.

EverQuest II – There’s a 20% off membership marketplace discount right now.

Fallout 76 – It’s 19.99 but don’t buy it.

Final Fantasy XIV – Complete edition and Shadowbringers are half off! (Note, MOP reader Hurbster reminds us that if you have XIV on Steam, the SE version of Shadowbringers won’t be compatible.)

Foxhole – This one’s just under $13 now.

Gloria Victis – Over half off on Steam.

Grim Dawn – This OARPG is $6.24 on Steam.

GTAO – $15 through Steam.

Guild Wars – The classic games are on sale on Steam; Anet has put in-game buyables on sale as well.

Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet has a new deal each day through December 2nd, including a sale on the games themselves, but even if you don’t wanna buy anything, there are freebies in the cash shop too.

Life is Feudal – Under 4 bucks on Steam.

Lineage II – NCsoft is running sales on a ton of items. There’s even a doorbuster!

Lord of the Rings Online – SSG is running sales in the market plus a double points bonus sale.

MapleStory 2 – Nexon is vending a massive beauty style pack. There’s a Cyber Monday sale too.

Meadow – The whole Might & Delight bundle is about $33.

Neverwinter – Everything in the cash shop is 30% off.

No Man’s Sky – It’s half off again.

Osiris New Dawn – This sandbox is half off.

Outlaws of the Old West – 30% off on Steam.

Overwatch – It’s down to $15, with $5 for the upgrade. There’s also a free trial running.

PixArk – On sale 40% off on Steam.

Portal Knights – Under $8.

Project Gorgon – A third off on Steam.

PUBG – Half of through Steam.

RIFT – Gamigo was running a credit bonus sale, but it was over on November 23rd, so we have no idea why it was called a Black Friday event. Leaving for posterity, but yeah, nothing to buy now.

RUST – A third off on Steam.

SCUM – 33% off on Steam.

Secret World Legends – Steam bundles are 60% off.

Shroud of the Avatar – Cash shop currency is 20% off.

Skyforge – Some editions are up to 60% off. Sales in-game too!

Star Trek Online – PWE’s running a 30% off ship sale.

Staxel – Staxel’s down to $12.

TERA – TERA has gobs of stuff on sale through December 2nd.

TitanQuest – Not an MMO, but in our orbit and under $5 on Steam.

Valnir Rok – It’s 40% off on Steam right now.

Warframe – DE’s official store has a sweet deal running: half off select in-game items and buy-one-get-one-half-off merch excluding holiday gear.

Wild Terra – DLC is up to 75% off on Steam.

World of Warcraft – Multiple expansion bundles are on sale for half off. “As an extra bonus, from now through January 6, 2020, new players can save 50% on the first month of a new World of Warcraft subscription. A subscription includes access to both World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic.”

Spot anything we missed? Help your fellow readers out by dropping it in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our gift guide! Please note, NONE of the links in this post are affiliate links of any kind.


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Finally can pick up elsweyr for a reasonable price, though for the first time I dont actually like any of the collectors edition extras so just the basic package for me this time around…

Also, Star Trek: Bridge crew and the TNG dlc for literal peanuts!?!? Make it so!


“Fallout 76 – It’s 19.99 but don’t buy it.”

*rofl* Good advice, sadly.

“Atlas – Under 5 bucks on Steam (dang).”

Yeah I saw that yesterday. Despite the horrible player reviews and all I think I’d be willing to put a measly $4.79 down for the game. This has been something I’ve been interested in a while but never bought because of the player reviews. For this price though I’m risking about nothing and may as well snag it. No matter what you feel about the company, that just seems like a steal for the game.


Join the Anchor Babies server cluster, it is a really nice bunch of people, very active admins and events and the cluster is pretty huge. I am very pleasantly surprised by the game at least on that cluster.
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FF14 complete edition is half price on the Square/Enix store. As is Shadowbringers if you just want that – note NOT compatible if you bought the Steam version – Square store only.

Don’t forget to change the region if not from the UK.


Atlas is 5 bucks? Nope!

If they paid to sub to me? Maybe.


But then it becomes a question of “how much do they pay you” and you have to figure out your pricing.


Rift is still a thing? Wow, I really thought it went away a while ago.

Tetsu Jin

“Fallout 76 – It’s 19.99” … well, I mean, how bad can it be, right? … “but don’t buy it”. Got ya. Right. Thanks for saving me the $20.

I’ll go see if Outer Worlds is still in the Windows Store. Because #NeverEpic.


It is, and it’s on the Game Pass as well.

Kickstarter Donor

Yeah, I’m playing outer worlds with the game pass for PC, it’s awesome and only a $1 to start! Also, I’m probably gonna bite on FO76 for that price it’s kind of hard to go wrong… Even if I don’t end up playing too much until the wastelanders expansion.

Oleg Chebeneev

“Fallout 76 – It’s 19.99 but don’t buy it”. Lmao.
Only thing that is interesting for me is first WoW sub deal, I’ll take that for fresh account.
Maybe Elite Dangerous too. Never played it and its only $4 atm in my region.


Rift’s “Black Week” is a bit misleading in its title. If you scroll down, you see the following: “This Double Up event will be applied during the following period:
November 23, 2019 – from 1 AM CET to 2 AM CET
November 22 – 4 PM PST to 5 PM PST
There is no time to hesitate, as you only got one hour to claim your Credits before this offer vanishes.”

So basically, they called it a “Black Week”, but it lasted for one hour only.

Jeff Risu Dailey

Fallout 76 – It’s 19.99 but don’t buy it.

lol would not play if it was given to me for free.