EVE Online patches in new balance adjustments and skills for Triglavian ships

Capital city.

The entire Triglavian invasion in EVE Online would feel less interesting if players couldn’t learn to build those ships, and the latest patch for the game ensures you have the skills to fly them. Two new skills, Precursor Dreadnought and Capital Precursor Weapon, have been added to the game to allow the flight of the Triglavian dreadnought and firing its capital weapon; accordingly, a new module for precisely that weapon has been added to the game with the patch, along with a few additional new fittings.

The patch also introduces a number of balance changes, with several ships getting improved bonus values for their weaponry; others have had slightly different changes, like how the Rifter no longer improves small projectile damage but instead boosts rate of fire. Players can also make use of the new shared bookmark feature, and new players get to take part in a login campaign offering minor rewards for new arrivals. Check out the full rundown of changes in the official patch notes. You can also catch up on our coverage from the game’s recent London event.

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