Heroes of the Storm rolls out Deathwing to its test server

Big lizert

We’re so sorry, Heroes of the Storm players; the arrival of Deathwing means doom and destruction. Fortunately, it seems likely that his approach will mean less “launching a wildly loathed expansion” and more “raining destruction on the other team,” but you can test him out just to be sure on the game’s test server right now. Naturally, that includes some new skins for the big flying doom lizard, because even after you get a brand new avatar of corrupted earth your first thought should be “what would he look like with teal.”

There’s other stuff in the patch, of course; there are also balance adjustments for other heroes across the board, as well as a new experience orb system as a limited-time change to the way the game works. But the highlight is getting to finally take to the skies and unleash sundering forces with everyone’s favorite draconic antagonist. Start getting good with him now.


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