Elder Scrolls Blades kills chest timers, adds PvP, and delays Switch release


Major things are afoot in Elder Scrolls’ mobile title. Bethesda just revealed the tentpole features of Blades Update 1.5, and none of it is small potatoes.

For starters, Bethesda is yanking out the much-loathed chest timers that required players to wait (or pay) to open their lawfully earned treasure. Along with this change, better and more loot will drop from enemies, PvP fights will break out at the new arena, and players finally can band together to form guilds.

“Our goal is to make Blades as rewarding to play through as it is fun, and we think these changes will help us do just that,” the studio wrote.

With all of this good news, you just knew there had to be some bad coming, so this is it: Bethesda is delaying the launch of Blades on the Nintendo Switch from this year to “early 2020.” When it does arrive, however, you can expect to enjoy cross-platform PvP between mobile devices and the Switch.


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David Goodman

Still not available on my device; it’s really starting to feel like if you don’t have a Samsung phone (for Android) then you’re just going to be ignored on any mobile releases.

I’m with a company that develops a mobile app though; I get it. Trying to support the absurd number of android phones and hardware is a problem. Most of my training regarding the app was about Android Fragmentation (not sure if that’s the real term for it or just what we called it).

But still

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

If they wanted it to be rewarding and fun they should have actually made it an Elder Scrolls game rather than a mobile game that looks like ES at a glance.

TES Travels: Shadowkey was probably a better Elder Scrolls game and that was on one of the worst phone gaming platforms (N-Gage).


Wait. You mean people don’t LIKE being punished as a reward?


I still expect there is a gotcha, I mean gatcha, or two in this.