Final Fantasy XIV’s next Letter from the Producer is set for December 13

Big hall.

If you’re ready to start hearing about Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 already, mark your calendars for December 13th. That’s when producer and director Naoki Yoshida will kick off another 14-hour broadcast sharing details on the game’s next major patch as part of the latest Letter from the Producer, with the patch-relevant letter starting up at midnight EST. As is frequently the case, the audio will be Japanese only, so you’ll need to rely upon translations or the multilingual slides to find out the actual details of what’s happening.

Of course, the letter itself isn’t going to run for 14 hours; the broadcast will also include special appearances by team members, an ongoing Mahjong tournament with the development staff, and randomly popping into various worlds with the assistance of Thancred’s Japanese voice actor. If you don’t mind the language barrier (or you speak fluent Japanese), the whole thing commences at 10 p.m. EST on December 13th and runs for… well, 14 hours. That’s kind of the theme.


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