Path of Exile answers questions about the Atlas, shows off boss fights and Metamorph crafting


If you’ve been keeping an eye on our extensive ExileCon coverage, you already know that Path of Exile is getting a whole lot of new stuff, but right now both Grinding Gear Games and the playerbase are focusing on the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, particularly how the Atlas is changing. Those changes have raised some questions and the devs have started to provide some answers.

The Q&A is the first of however many others that are due as this new content arrives, with the questions talking about Watchstones and map level questions. Among the answers provided is confirmation that most Watchstones can’t be traded with a few special exceptions, what exactly Watchstones do, and attention to the challenge level of Shaper, Elder, and Uber in Metamorph. It also alludes to further details to be shared later on what “unique” Watchstones do.

Path of Exile also offered a quick peek at some Catalyst crafting results from within the Metamorph League and granted players a quick sneak peek at some of the endgame boss fights waiting for the high end Exile. Both of those things are embedded below. Also, make sure you look over MJ’s complete ExileCon coverage. And when I say complete, I mean complete.

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> Catalyst crafting results
Way too much RNG it seems – as always. I can understand that in a persistent world with years-long progression but the game is centered around these 3-months long seasons where your toon is doomed to run in mediocre equipment till the season end.