Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on Steam on December 5

Please look forward to the Apology Poncho Hat


Good news, Steam fans! It turns out that Red Dead Redemption 2 (and its companion element, Red Dead Online, also known as Grand Theft Auto Will Take Its Horse To The Old Town Road) will be arriving on Steam as of December 5th! That means players who prefer having every game under Valve’s unified storefront instead of Epic’s storefront or Rockstar’s own personal storefront can enjoy all the features of the PC port, including:

  • No actual bug fixes!
  • Crashing when your anti-virus software does its job at all!
  • Sub-par performance on most hardware!
  • Freezing when you don’t manually alter your processor performance!
  • Apology Ponchos when patches don’t fix any of that!

Snark aside, the launch announcement has been met with several comments asking if the game will actually function properly on launch, which is clearly on the minds of several players or potential players. We can only hope that this particular launch does take place smoothly, but given the game’s history up to this point, you could be forgiven for skepticism. It’ll at least be in the slightly more popular storefront to buy, though!

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ichi sakari

fortunately all of us who ordered thru RockStar did our part to beta-test in prep for Steam release

its like being an intern and a cowboy all at the same time!


Until Steam rethinks Family sharing, it’s best not to buy ANYTHING from them. I filled a library with games and set up a fancy steam link game system for my kids, only to find that if they wanted to play one game I bought, all other games I bought were locked and unavailable.

Buy the games separately, you will never regret it.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

To be fair, this is how it works since inception years ago. But yeah, this is dumb.


At this point I’m more along the lines of wanting to get it cheaper and not caring as much which platform I get it on. Steam is much easier for me and preferred, but if I was offered a chance to get it for less off Steam I’d get it elsewhere.

So if they want me to still buy directly from them when they launch on Steam, they should give a big discount buying through their launcher on the same day that it comes out on Steam.

In fact, I don’t think I’m going to buy it on Steam at all as long as it’s full price there. I’m going to wait until it’s on a good enough sale sometime. It’s one of those games that will only benefit from buying it a bit later anyway because of the issues they need to patch up in it.

I really very much want to play the game, but I can also wait and am patient.

To be fair, probably if I had more gaming time I wouldn’t be as patient. My limited amount of time to play with my big game backlog makes it easy to be patient about buying new games right now.


Its performance is fine now but interface/UI/controls sucks and the whole game is obviously overrated – like it’s often the case with console-first games.

Online part isn’t exactly bad but also isn’t terribly fun considering there is zero to none co-op outside of short campaign. I expect it to get some content during few years but now it’s mostly “wait for discount” stuff.

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Is it still going to require that the Rockstar Launcher be present? My understanding was that GTA V does (now, it didn’t until recently), even if you launch from Steam. I’ve not tested this, myself.

Kross Vilalobos

GTA V does download and launches through the new launcher. RDR2 more than likely will do the same.