Trove’s Into the Deep update has launched with new bosses and a level 25 character booster


As promised, Gamigo’s pushed out a new update for the blocky MMO sandbox Trove. Into the Deep does exactly what it says on the tin: leads players deep under the surface of Geode, the core world added in the 2018 expansion. Why would you want to go down there? How about to take on the new world bosses known as Leviathans.

“These world bosses are a big deal!” Gamigo warns. “There are three of them in total – Lobstroso, Timmerse, and Ifera – and each one of them is more difficult to topple than the last. Should you succeed, you and seven of your closest friends can net rewards such as Crystal-3 gear, Lesser Geode Topside caches, special mounts, and more!”

There are a few other bits and bobs in the update, including new torches for the neglected banner slot, hilarious ego potions that give you a giant head (literally), a new level 25 level booster, and tweaks for guild questing.

“Club adventures received a total overhaul with Into The Deep. Each hero now gives one quest, so you know exactly what to expect when you see them in your club. The heroes are feeling more generous too and the amount of Adventurine provided by their adventures has been increased dramatically. All clubs will also enjoy an increased Daily Experience Cap, so get in there and help your club. Trovian Outposts have cropped up all over Trove for a whole host of new adventures. Talk to the heroes in each biome to pick up their quest. Make sure you talk to them all as each adventure can be completed once per day.”

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