Inferna is a PvE-centered indie fantasy MMORPG headed to Steam Early Access on December 6


One more to the list, eh friends? Steam Early Access is going to be getting a fresh arrival for the MMO genre in the form of Inferna, a fantasy-themed free-to-play MMORPG that will be arriving soon to the platform on Friday, December 6th.

Inferna comes to us from a small team of programmers in Germany and has been in development for three years according to some PR we received. The game boasts four classes – magician, warrior, assassin or semi-demon – and brings players to the world of Pangaeu, a dangerous world where the old kingdoms teeter on the brink of collapse. Content isn’t specifically outlined, but the game promises “various runs and dungeons” and conquering of maps with thousands of other players. Inferna will also boast cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices, though early access will be on PC only for now.

According to the Steam page, early access is set to run for approximately a year, with additional planned features like crafting, guilds, and performance optimizations due to be added. For the time being, there’s 60 levels’ worth of content waiting in the early access build. For those who are curious, feel free to wishlist the game or check out the trailers below for a peek.

sources: press release, Steam
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