MassivelyOP’s 2019 MMO swag gift guide


The Black Friday is upon us! (Angels and ministers of grace defend us!) Outside there are winter storms, flu viruses, and holiday traffic. But if you’re looking for an MMO-themed gift for yourself or some special gamer in your life, you might not have to leave the house after all — just check out our guide to MMO gifts that you can buy from the comfort of your own device. If you’re going to pick one of these up for yourself or as a gift, please consider using our links as a way to help support your favorite MMO news site (hopefully still us). Please note that Amazon affiliate links may grant a small commission to us, which is very much appreciated!

By now, you probably have the Path of Fire expansion, as many Rytlock Brimstone statues as you can usefully own, and every book in the Guild Wars book series. What could you possibly add to your collection? (I mean, aside from this $10 Aurene plush. Who’s an adorable baby elder dragon? You are!) How about a book that hasn’t technically released yet? The Complete Art of Guild Wars is available for pre-order right now ahead of its March 31 release date, and it looks pretty amazing: a 200-page, full color coffee-table-style book released for the 20th anniversary of ArenaNet’s founding. If you don’t mind waiting a few months, and you think that the Guild Wars franchise has the most amazing art style of any of the currently active MMOs, this might be your book. (If so, you should probably write your name inside the cover before you lose it again.)

Legendary MMO coffee mug

If you’re coffee like me, coherent sentences maybe not so much until drinking is first cup. And that’s why this Legendary coffee mug is just the thing you need to see first thing in the morning. Two complaints: I spent three weeks farming to get the Epic coffee mug to drop, only to have this get dropped in the very next patch. It’s classic power creep, and it needs to stop. Secondly, this mug is offhand only, which means I keep spilling my coffee with my stupid clumsy non-dominant hand. (You know which hand you are.) If you’re really trying to max out your alertness, it’s worth shelling out the extra for the mainhandable travel mug version or just buying coca leaves directly from the consumables vendor.

Since my own experience with FFXIV has been pretty limited, I can’t explain why Square-Enix would release nightmare fuel like this (CW: taxidermy, catfish), but I think we can all agree that the Fat Chocobo Alarm Clock is objectively the best way for everyone to get up in the morning. World peace would be just a little bit closer if the ennui of waking up to another day of drudgery were immediately wiped away by the serene Buddha-nature of the chocobo, soothing us with his comforting presence.

Or if you’re looking for something to literally light up your gaming space, you might try the Odder Otter Lantern Lamp, which is just legitimately the cutest thing ever. I would follow that otter anywhere: underwater, dark alleys, unmarked white panel van, you name it. Or you can pick up a 2-month game time card and play FFXIV while waiting for the next installment of the Final Fantasy Lost Stranger graphic novels, which only seem to be getting weirder over time.


And last but far from least, there’s Blizzard’s huge Black Friday sale, with Battle for Azeroth for $24.99, Overwatch for $14.99 (or $24.99 for the Nintendo Switch), and all of the Starcraft 2 announcer packs half off as well.

Over in its apparel shop, Blizzard is offering 25% off all orders for Black Friday only, so for hoodies, hats, statues, and calendars, make sure you get there before midnight tomorrow.

And if you’re getting tired of your boring non-hamster LEGOs, may I suggest the Wrecking Ball LEGO set? As soon as I get one, I’m going to put it on a string and swing it around smashing everything in sight, particularly the D.Va and Reinhardt LEGO sets. (Just don’t buy it together with the Mei or you won’t get to have any fun.) It’s what Hammond would want us to do.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget that as Amazon associates, we earn when you click through us for qualifying Amazon purchases, today and every day. Happy holidays!

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