BatMUD, a 29-year-old MMO, is now on Steam


Where were you in 1990? Did you even exist then? Because if you happened to be around 29 years ago, you could have jumped into a brand-new (at the time) multi-user dungeon named BatMUD. This “hidden jewel of the internet” has been in constant development since 1990, expanding to include seafaring ships, secret societies, a robust economy, and more.

And while you could get BatMUD elsewhere online, the title only has recently arrived on Steam, upping its visibility and introducing this fantasy MMO to a brand-new audience. Players are rather enthusiastic about the game, saying that it offers a deep and immersive gaming experience, albeit one with a steep learning curve.

The Steam client of BatMUD offers some graphical enhancements (such as maps and portraits) to help visualize the text-heavy game. It just released on the platform on November 21st for $5.

If you’re new to the topic of text-based multi-user dungeons and their importance in MMO history, check out our Game Archaeologist column for an overview of these fascinating games.

Source: Steam via PCGamesN
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Ernest Crunkleton

This is an awesome Mud with a great community!

I’ve played off and on for nearly 20 years, logged thousands of hours and explored a little over half the mud. So there is a lifetime of content for a dedicated player.

Anyone who is interested in muds and wants a game that can be enjoyed while making a diverse array of friends from around the globe, should give BATMUD a try!


I had tried it, its nice, but I like Aetolia more

Oleg Chebeneev

Id like to see Altar Aeon do the same. Of all MUDs it resembles modern MMOs the most