Hearthstone Battlegrounds takes a deep dive into how the game determines your rating

You know who is what here.

Many game devs are extremely mum about how they come to determine a player’s competitive rating. Not Hearthstone, which seems to be all too eager to provide its fans a pretty in-depth look at how it determines your personal rating in the CCG’s new Battlegrounds mode.

The dev blog from senior data scientist Tian covers a lot of ground on how rating in the mode is calculated as well as just what the rating number means. Key to determining a player’s skill level (and thus their rating) is variance, which starts off high since there’s no data set for a player’s activity and begins to narrow once matches are played and data is collected. Matches are also formed based on each players’ win chance, which is determined from a variety of factors.

As for figuring out the rating for a player post-match, that is calculated based on several factors such as player rating, opponent ratings, what place a player finishes, their predicted win chance, and their variance.

This is a really brief breakdown of what was ultimately explained, so for those curious about how Hearthstone’s latest mode gets to that number, you’ll definitely want to read the full post.


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